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AQUA FIT- This shallow water workout will give you cardio and strength training. Various pool “toys” will be used. Participants are encouraged to work at their own level.

AQUA TONE- This class is designed to improve strength and range of motion of joints.  Low impact moves strive to increase heart rate, endurance, flexibility and muscle tone.  Perfect for beginners or those returningexercise. 

AQUA ZUMBA- Zumba in the pool!

DEEP BLUE WALK/RUN– Participants wear a flotation belt (provided) and work out in the deep water  where there is no impact on the joints.  This class combines stretching and strengthening for a cardiovascular workout and muscle toning.

FULL POOL AQUA WORKOUT- This class uses various types of equipment (all provided). Participants get a cardiovascular workout that helps burn fat, tone muscles and strengthen the heart.

WATER RUN– Recovering from an injury or looking for something new in cardio?  Water running may be  for you!  This 30 minute class can be in shallow and/or deep water and provides a great cardiovascular and strength training workout.  Water belts provided. 

SILVER SPLASH– Develops flexibility, strength and range of motion in individuals with limited ability. Participants work at their own pace.  Great for beginners!

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