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Membership at the Cheshire Community YMCA is not only an investment in you and your family but also in your community. YMCA membership fees are e­stablished so that all members can share fairly and equitably in operational costs as well support the many community programs the Y provides in Southington. Rate subject to change in March 2017.

Membership Types & Rates

Adult - Includes 1 adult over the age of 18

Family- Includes 2 adults over the age of 18 and any minor living in the household

Young Adult- Includes 1 teen between the ages of 13-18

College- Includes 1 college student (12 credits a semester w/vaild college ID)

Preschool/Youth- Birth through 13 years

Senior Citizen- Includes 1 adult over the age of 65

Senior Citizen Couple- Includes 2 adults over the age of 65

Program Member-  Basic membership which allows you to
register for programs at the program memebership rate



    Cheshire Member   SOUTHINGTON-CHESHIRE YMCAs Member    
Youth      $13.00 / Month  $15.00 / Month  
Young Adult      $17.00 / Month $21.00 / Month  
College         $34.00 / Month    
Adult      $46.00 / Month  $54.00 / Month  
Family      $73.00 / Month $94.00 / Month  
Family Couple      $69.00 / Month $80.00 / Month    
Senior      $42.00 / Month $48.00 / Month  
Senior Couple      $63.00 / Month $72.00 / Month    
Program Member    

$70.00 / Year


$70.00 / Year







The YMCA is a membership organization open to all. The YMCA welcomes people of all ages, races, sexes, ethnicities, religions, abilities and financial circumstances. Thanks to the generous support of donors,
financial assistance is available for those who qualify.
Some benefits of membership include:

  • No contracts
  • Complementary Child Watch
  • Fun & healthy activities for all age groups
  • A place where individuals and families socialize, connect and get healthy together
  • Unlimited group classes like: Zumba, Yoga, Group Cycling, and more
  • Personal wellness coaching sessions and nutritional support
  • Healthier spirit, mind & body, reduced stress, and a happier outlook on life
  • Support, guidance, and resources to achieve greater health and well-being
  • Reduced program fees for all YMCA programs like child care, after-school programs, swim lessons, youth & adult sports, summer camp, and more
  • Membership to an organization that cares & gives back to the community

And so much more!


Facility Features

  • State of the Art Health & Wellness Center
  • Family focused programming
  • Expanded and updated YMCA Learning Center
  • Largest Child Care provider in the Town of Cheshire
  • School-age before and after care
  • Youth, Teen and Adult fitness classes free for full members
  • Pre-school Childcare - Part time and Full time, available for children 2 years 9 months to 5 years old
  • Youth Sports for children of all ages
  • Silver & Fit/ Silver Sneakers Participating Facility 
  • Family events for you and your children
  • Sea Dog Swim Team
  • YMCA Camp Quinnipiac
  • LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Cancer exercise program
  • Group Cycling Classe
  • Free Yoga and Pilates
  • Teen programs
  • Access to our Southington facility including the YMCA Spirit-Mind-Body Center, the Gymnastics Center, and Camp Sloper Outdoor Center.
  • AWAY program allows you to visit other Y’s nationwide (check each Y’s restrictions)
  • And Now, you have access to YMCAs throughout New England.

Another great reason to belong to the YMCA

The Y is for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.  We want to make sure you continue to be involved with the Y wherever you may live, work or travel. With our focus on healthy living, we want you to stay active and keep moving!  Now we've made sure there is a Y wherever you are. So get out and explore New England, visit friends and relatives, and remember to take your Y card with you!  Now that you belong to the Southington Community YMCA, you belong to other YMCAs throughout New England, at no extra charge.

Bring your membership card and photo ID and enjoy free access to almost every Y in New England! This offer applies to full-facility members only. Some restrictions may apply. 

Have fun and get the most out of your membership. 

Nov-March Reciprocity Restrictions:


No Reciprocity facility use 5-10 PM, M-F, 

No basketball gym 5-10 PM, M-F,

No group fitness classes,

No Amazing Kids Club.



Local Area YMCA Reciprocity Restrictions:

  • Wheeler- no group fitness classes classes, no babysitting
  • Brookfield- can't sign up for cycling in advance, can attend classes, charge for AWAY members
  • Valley Shore-  No restrictions at this time
  • Meriden- babysitting is for members only, can’t use the Outdoor Center or Crossfit

 My Y is Every Y in New England


Joining the YMCA is simple! Visit any one of our 2 branches to receive a tour of the facility and to talk to a Member Service staff person about how membership in the YMCA can benefit you and your family. To get the process started, you can fill out a membership application online. Once completed, print the application out and and bring it to the branch you wish to join. It’s that easy! Applications are also available at both branches.

It is the philosophy of the YMCA to provide services for any person who desires to participate and understands the benefits of the YMCA, regardless of ability to pay the standard membership or program fee. Those not able to pay the fee may be awarded financial assistance based on the individual need and the ability of the YMCA to fund the subsidy.

Membership Application

 During the months of December-March we do not allow 2 week free trials. Please contact our membership office if you have any questions.




CODE OF CONDUCT— The Southington-Cheshire Community YMCA is a family organization. It is therefore important that our members and guests behave in a manner consistent with a family atmosphere and the YMCAs values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility, Inappropriate behavior, such as foul language, dangerous play, etc. is unacceptable and may result in termination of your membership. 

AGE REQUIREMENTS— Health & Wellness Center members must be at least 14 years old to use the Health & Wellness Center independently. Fourteen-year-olds can use the Health & Wellness Canter after successfully completing an orientation. Members age 11 to 13 can use the Health & Wellness Center only when DIRECTLY supervised by an adult member. A gym schedule is available in the lobby. 

MEDICAL RECOMMENDATIONS— If you have a prior history of health-related problems, the YMCA recommends that you check with your physician prior to enrolling in fitness programs. The YMCA reserves the right to require your doctor’s approval for your participation in any activity. Please let our Health & Wellness staff know of any health condition that may affect your inability to exercise. 

PERSONAL PROPERTY— The Y cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. If using a locker, please be sure it is not defective and will remain closed if secured by your lock. Items may not be left overnight in lockers. 

INSUFFICIENT REGISTRATION— Insufficient registration for advertised classes may result in cancellation of the program. If maximum class enrollment has been attained, registration will be closed and a waiting list may be generated. 

GUEST POLICY— YMCA full members may bring adult guests (18 years and up) to use the facility at a rate of $10.00 per visit. Teen guests (13-17 years old) are $5.00 per visit and youth guests (12 and under) are $3.00 per visit. Guests are expected to respect the YMCA policies and guidelines. The YMCA reserves the right to restrict guests usage based upon the amount of members using the facility. Please call the Y before bringing a guest, restrictions apply. All guests must be accompanied by a Southington Community YMCA full member and completely fill out a One Day Membership Enrollment Form. All adult guests MUST provide a photo ID. All youth guests 12 years of age and under MUST be accompanied by an adult. 

MAKE-UP CLASSES/CLOSINGS — Make-up classes will be scheduled (or credits issued at the end of the session) when a program is not held due to unforeseen circumstances. For closings or class cancellation, class costs are prorated automatically. 

REFUND POLICY— A refund will be given if the YMCA cancels a class before it begins. In the case of any medical restriction, a doctor’s note is needed and a credit for the full amount of the unused program will be given to the participant. We strive to make sure that you are satisfied with all YMCA programs. Please see the Department Director if your class is not meeting your expectations. A processing fee of $7.00 per class will be charged for all program changes made by program participants including change of time. 

HEALTH & WELLNESS POLICY— Consultations and equipment orientations for those 15 and older are strongly recommended, but not required. A physician’s clearance may be requested before beginning an equipment orientation, personal training or other wellness program. Members using the Wellness Center are required to wear appropriate clothing including shirts and sneakers.