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Become a lifeguard

Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification Summer 2021

This blended learning course is designed to prepare the participant with the knowledge and skills to be a lifeguard.  This comprehensive course offers up to date information on how to guard through prevention and action steps.  Blended learning sessions will require all online sessions to be completed prior to attending the in-person classes as noted below.  Also included are CPR and First Aid certifications.  Participants must pass a swim test in order to register for this class.  In-person registration only.  The price of this class does not include a $15 pocket mask which can be purchased at the membership services desk on the 1st or 2nd day of class.  Please also note:  this course will require participants to be closer than 6 feet without masks during in water training and certification.  Masks will be required at all other times.

Full Member Pricing: $225    Non-Member Pricing: $350

Required Swim Test Information:  Swim test must be completed prior to registration.  Please schedule a swim test with Barbara Glaude  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  You must select one.

Swim Test:  Fri 7/23 11AM; 3PM; or 5PM

 Sat 7/24 12PM

Wed 7/28 4PM

Lifeguard Class  August 2- August 6th- must be registered prior to July 30

Blended Learning (on-line) sessions 1-3 must be completed prior to first class:

Monday August 2nd  3PM-530PM (In Person at the YMCA- swimsuit required)

Blended Learning (on-line) Session 4 must be completed by:

Tuesday August 3rd  3PM-5PM (In Person at the YMCA- Swimsuit required)

Blended Learning (on-line) session 5-7 must be completed by:

Wednesday August 4th 10AM-5PM (In Person at the YMCA- swimsuit and pocket mask required)

Final Exam In-Person Friday includes swim and written tests

Blended learning (on-line) session 8 and final online exam must be completed by:

Friday August 6th  9AM-1:30PM and then 3pm-8PM(in-Person at the YMCA- swimsuit and pocket mask required)