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The value of a YMCA membership goes beyond gym and swim. When you join the YMCA, you join a family. With a YMCA membership you have access to all Southington and Cheshire facilities as well as all of the YMCAs in the state of Connecticut!

Value for Your Dollar

Compare the cost of one dinner or one movie out with your entire family to an entire month of enjoyment you can experience at the YMCA.

Compare the cost of a daily bagel and coffee to one day's membership for your entire family.

No long term contracts...

Value of Qualified & Caring Staff

Trained and certified staff who support members to achieve their health and wellness goals because they care and love what they do...and all done with personalized service.

The Value of YMCA Full Service

No where else do Southington and Cheshire residents have available to them the wide range of programs, services and facilities as with the YMCA.  From winning a swim meet to losing weight.  From working out in a fitness class to working together in Teen Leaders Club.  From lifting weights in a fitness center to lifting hearts as a community volunteer.  Whether your life is focused on shaping up, studying up, meeting up or growing up, it all can be done at the YMCA.

The Value of a Healthy Lifestyle

With the stresses of everyday life; rising costs of food, job loss, war… at least you have your health.  Or do you?  Remember what good felt like?  One investment is still a good idea… you!  A stronger you makes a stronger family and then a stronger community.  Invest in your health…it all starts with you!

The Value of the YMCA's Mission

The YMCA is an organization that offers diverse opportunities to enhance the quality of life, strives to express caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in all that we do, develop a strong sense of community amongst our members and volunteers and to provide opportunities to give back to the community sharing their time, their talent and their treasure.

Valued Community Charity

Your YMCA is committed to help people in the community stay healthy.  Whoever is in a financial crisis is eligible to apply for financial assistance to get through the tough times.  This assistance is in part funded by the YMCA’s Annual Strong Kids Campaign