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Virtual Classes


For all of our virtual live class videos, please visit our Facebook Group: SCCYMCA Group Exercise

Below are some of the most recent classes that were posted by our Y Staff. 

Note: If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still access these videos. You may be asked to create an account. If a pop-up appears that asked you to log-in to Facebook or create an account, simply click "Not Now" at the bottom of the pop-up and you can enjoy the video without a Facebook account.

Karen - Aerobics & Strength Class: Click Here

Karen - Balance & Fall Prevention Class: Click Here

Jolene - Low Impact Strength & Cardio Class: Click Here

Jolene - Low Impact Agility, Strength & Balance Class: Click Here

Brandon - Y360 Full Body Class: Click Here

Noelle - Y360 Full Body & Cardio Class: Click Here

Tommy - Stretching & Strength Class 1: Click Here

Tommy - Stretching & Strength Class 2: Click Here

John - Low Impact Bands & Strength Class 1: Click Here

John - Low Impact Bands & Strength Class 2: Click Here

Barbara - Chair Exercise Class: Click Here

Jay - Meditation & Mindfulness Class: Click Here