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Karate is offered at the following schools and times in each school’s gymnasium.  All classes are registration based and will require a minimum number of participants.  All classes end in June. 


Chapman School



Highland School



Doolittle School



Norton School


Karate provides children with a positive attitude toward life thorough self confidence and self discipline . Karate helps children improve their concentration for better work and study habits in a fun and engaging way.  Kempo karate focuses on self defense and character building, emphasising respect, self control, and self discipline.   Parents are welcome to view classes.  Classes are taught by Master Jennifer Couture from JC Karate.  All classes are appropriate for all levels.

Karate is based on month to month tuition and the program is $40 for full members and $45 for program members.  Participant registration is based on 4 meetings per month for each of the offered days.

If class is cancelled due to inclement weather makes-ups can be made at other schools or class times, please notify the instructor before you attend

a make up class.  For more information please contact Shannon Wynn at 203-272-3150 x506.