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Welcome to the Cheshire YMCA Youth Dance Program. We hope you will find this program to be an excellent introduction to dance as a life-long activity. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with Miss Dottie by contacting the Cheshire Community YMCA at any time.

Program Description: Instruction of the Youth Dance Program will be given by Miss Dottie. Children will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of tap and ballet.  The classes are designed for beginner students who have never had dance experience or who have had very little dance experience.  All of the classes will begin with basic movements and steps and will continue to teach more advanced techniques as the session’s progress. 

Parent Involvement: One of the key ingredients to success is with family support and attendance at the parents day held during the last class of each session. 

The Child First -- The Activity Second: All YMCA Youth programs are committed to equal participation for each child, no matter what ability level. The emphasis at this stage should be on having fun while learning the basics and working together.  . 

Equipment and Clothing: Tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards and tights. 

Program Cancellation: All Dance classes are held at the Cheshire Community YMCA.  Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather.  If there is no school due to inclement weather or if school is dismissed early there will be no Dance Class.  If classes are cancelled there will either be a make-up or a credit given to your account at the Cheshire Community YMCA.